25 ways to Get famous on youtube

I Hope that if you are reading this you might already have a YouTube channel and You are willing to increase the engagement with your audience or you Might also want to increase your audience too. And after reading this article I am sure that you will accomplish your goals( become Famous on YouTube). so without wasting much time lets get stared.


The most important reason behind the success of any famous YouTube star is their originality in their content and also in being themselves. so if your content is original people will like videos and in-short

  1. Above all else, be yourself and be original; the audience wants to get to know you as a person so express your unique personality.
  2. Be passionate about making content rather than trying to be successful.
  3. Figure out what will make your content different or better than other YouTube’s.


People are more likely to come over your channel again and watch your videos again if you make something they feel amazing and cool may and you can you these tricks given below:

4.Get a good video editing program and practice using it. Along those lines…

5.Start by making shorter videos

6.Put in the time to make high-quality content. The higher the quality of your content, the higher your view count will probably be

7.Build your momentum; get at least 10 good videos uploaded before you start promoting your channel

8.After you’ve got some decent videos under your belt, concentrate on making the most creative, funny, informative or mind-blowing video that will jump start your vlogging career.

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9.Upload as often as you can no matter what. Try to make new videos AT LEAST once a week.

10. Let people know when to expect new videos. For example: “New videos every Thursday.

11.Once you have one incredible video with some decent momentum try to get featured by a YouTube editor; just like Instagram, getting featured is the quickest, surest path to success.


11.Be consistent; don’t get into a pattern of trying something new, quitting and repeating.

12. Use proper tags. Make sure they are specific and descriptive. Try to stand out by NOT using the same tags as everyone else.

13.Give your videos incredible titles and good descriptions—this is one of the easiest ways to get more views.

14.Prompting people to subscribe to your channel is important, but do so in a very creative way.

15.Be patient as it could take 2-3 years worth of work to get the recognition you’re after.


16.If there is a boring Scene in your video, cut it. Don’t be boring; people have very short attention spans when it comes to viewing online content.

17.When it comes down to it, most YouTubers are opinionated so have an opinion of your own.

18.For videos with more of a personality, add some text or background music. Don’t use copyrighted music.

19.Be culturally relevant; consider making content related to trending pop culture or news items to piggyback off what people are already talking about and searching for.

20.Make a video response to a famous YouTube video; or parody it—again, this may help you piggyback off of existing excitement.

21.For easy hits, try doing an auto-tune version of a famous video.

22.Never promote your videos by spamming YouTube’s you don’t already have a relationship with; people hate that.

23.If you’re nervous about talking into a camera, it might help to think of it as someone you know like a friend or relative.

24.Make a channel trailer that lets people get a quick idea of what you’re all about.

25.Consider creating and sticking to an original, effective intro and outro routine that lets people know who you are and why you’re worth following.

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